The Packaging Trends in the Candy and Snack Industry that can Boost Sales

The candy and snack industry has grown rapidly, the trend that has increased competition. Manufacturers are now bound to become more creative and look for ways to boost sales to survive in the market. While packaging methods depends on the industry, we are going to discuss about the packaging trends in the candy and snack industry. Your candy and snack packaging should be unique and appealing to have a cutting edge in the competitive industry. A good example of such packaging is candy boxes. It has to be attractive and communicate its sweetness to customers effectively.

The Candy and Snack Industry

With about $35 billion sales per year, the United States luscious industry offers a lot of options to consumers. Sweet and sour candles, healthy snacks as well as guilty pleasure snacks are some of the most liked options in the industry. Some of the great opportunities that packaging offers manufacturers and their customers include:

  • Improving the value of your brand. According to a research, 80% of brand owners say that packaging as a positive impact on their brand.
  • More sales. Good packaging makes consumers more willing to pay more for some characteristics of products packaging.

4 recent packaging trends

In the 2018 National Confectioners Association’s Sweets and Snacks Expo, several packaging trends were evident.

Disposable packaging

Americans like to eat snacks. It is estimated that many Americans eat snacks about 2.5 times a day, or more if they are children, and especially when they are alone. This is the reason why candy and snack manufacturers offer single-serve packaging that gives consumers the flexibility and efficiency they need including portability, ease to carry, open as well as reseal.

Convenience packaging

This is a major trend as many people love the convenience which comes with the packaging which is lightweight and which can be easily opened as well as easily resealed. This complements many people’s on-the-go lifestyle. Many candy and snack manufacturers have resorted to packaging their products using plastic stand-up pouches.

Bulk Packaging

Large families, general candy die-hards and households can purchase candy and snacks in large quantities. This is partly because of the economies of scale. Apart from large and resealable packages being economical, they also save time. Consumers will always love the packaging which comes with those benefits. The packaging will allow consumers not to make many trips to the store as well as keep the products fresh. Research has shown that consumers who earn $50,000 or less per year prefer packaging that keeps products fresh for long and they are willing to pay more for products with such packaging.

Creative packaging

To win new customers and make more sales, snack and candy manufacturers should be more creative and come up with packaging materials, format as well as style that complements the look and gives the whole package a glamorous appearance. They can go a step further to add or rather incorporate innovative effects to packages to entice candy and snack consumers to purchase.

It is prudent to use packaging that not only sells your brand, but also stand out from the rest. For instance, if you decide to add a creative vibe to your packaging, you can incorporate a flicker effects or even better, holographic effects in your packaging. Another way to make your products look different from others is through the use of clean and simple packaging with a mix of basic colors as well as imagery.


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